Missing IRI Match Videos

I was trying to find match videos for IRI for the finals and the like, however there aren’t any match videos for IRI past Quals 66.

Is there a reason why the official channel for FIRST Indiana stopped posting match videos for IRI past Quals 66? In addition, will videos past Quals 66 be posted if any of you have information about this?

You can find the whole stream on twitch at @FIRSTINRobotics


I can split them, upload them to youtube, and submit to TBA if people need, but I had figured FIRST IN would as they had done the first day pretty quickly.


At this point I would split it before twitch removes it.


I downloaded the VODs a while ago just in case, so I just need to run the splitter and upload stuff.


I heard somewhere that they got rate limited or something.


The last video uploaded from FIRSTINRobotics was 2 weeks ago. What a rate limit that is…


It’s possible that they hit the rate limit during the event, and now the machine with the videos on it isn’t accessible. For instance, FIM AV usually tries to sync videos and anything else important to cloud storage, but there isn’t always time for that to happen before the trailer gets loaded if something goes wrong closer to the end of the event.

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I’ve uploaded elims here: 2022 IRI Playoffs - YouTube

They’ve been submitted to TBA but are awaiting approval. Should show up in a few days or whatever.

I have all the quals and stuff downloaded just in case but I would prefer not to be responsible for them. FIN should realistically handle it.


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