Missing Java Default Code Project

Issue finding the BuiltInDefaultCode Project to test crio firmware and other control components. Follwing the Getting Started guide procedure on page 23 and 24. Have checked the crio firmware version. No issue. Have checked the updates.xml from WPI, the version is correct. Loaded plugin via the url link to WPI. Using netbeans 7.1. Thoughts?

Do you have the FRC ICON in the tool bar?
I was having problems getting the FRC plugins for 2012 to load into netbeans.
After a great deal of frustation, I figured out that the WPI FRC Plugins for JAVA Netbeans require a host with 768 MB of memory. Our old laptops have 512 Mb. The problem was compounded that Netbeans does not present any error that it could not load the plugins.

I ordered more memory for the laptops.

We need a new version of the document “Getting_Started_with_Java_for_FRC.pdf” with this information. The current document is from 2010.

Dave Frederick

I am having the same issue with locating default code that doesn’t exist. I have a copy of it because I used it before the kickoff started. I have re-installed the plugins, but no luck. This is confusing that the codes do not exist in the file location.