Missing models

Howdy all -
Just looking around for some models:

  1. New 40A MAXI block (not included in our kit)
  2. New ground lug
  3. IR sensors
  4. New Power Distribution block
  5. New Operator Interface & Robot Controller
    (I noticed the bolt pattern on these are about a 1/16" wider this year)
  6. Main Circuit Breaker

If you have any of these, please feel free to email them to
[email protected]


Here ya go: http://www.usfirst.org/robotics/2004/drawings.htm

Wow, just posted today??

Released the “Groung Lug” today in the electrical library. I’m working on some of the others as time permits.
First CAD Library

The 120 Amp Breaker is posted in the Electrical Library …

First CAD Library