Missing (old) data in the FIRST Database

I’ve been spending a little bit of time poking through the FIRST team database and found that some of the old data seems to be incomplete.

For example, 71 and 27 won the Midwest regional in 1999, however it only shows in the database for 71. 254 and 100 won the San Jose regional in 1999, but it only shows for 254.

This seems to be pervasive throughout 1999 (I haven’t looked at other years yet).

Has anyone else noticed anything like this?


I’ve noticed the same thing. The database is far from complete, especially for the years prior to 2004.

The other interesting thing is inaccurate data for recent years. For instance, team 1547 is shown for 2006 as having won the Woodie Flowers award for the Israel Regional. A nice thought for a Canadian team to competed there, but untrue. And team 1574, who actually won it, does not have the award listed.

696’s page doesn’t show their 2007 San Diego Regional win which is disappointing because it shows for the three other teams on the alliance.

Thanks Chris. I’ve actually mentioned this to many people hoping that it’ll get changed but its been like that for over a year now. Hopefully FIRST changes that soon.

What 696 one of the original alliance, or were they the back-up robot?

696 was the first pick.

All 4 members of the Peachtree winning alliance show up.

Unless you’re talking about a year other than 2007, there were only three teams on the Palmetto winning alliance: 1319, 832, and 342.

It’s been three winners the whole way for Palmetto:

2006: 11, 247, 1251
2005: 179, 1051, 1466
2004: 11, 122, 281

Our page shows winning the 2007 LA (Bayou) Website Award (we did not participate in Louisiana, Team 357 won it, and the award is listed twice on the Team 357 page), shows no sign of our winning the 2007 Championship Website Award, and shows we won the 2007 Silicon Valley Imagery Award (which Team 362 actually won and yet their page shows nothing for them).

Something’s screwy.

Sorry, I meant Peachtree. You guys have too many regionals that start with P in the south :-p.