Missing Open 4 Motors

Going crazy, just installed Labview fresh, can not find open 4 motors. Can’t even find Open 2 Motors. Did they move out of the WPI Robotics Library or do I need to reinstall? I have installed the FRC Tools.

Have you tried searching for it in the little search bar?

Yup, nothing shows. Doing full uninstall and reinstall, maybe that will help

In Robot Drive, my version has Open Motors, but when you click on it, it creates this -

Despite the super descriptive note they included, I have no idea how to use this.

You’d do it like this now for PWM connections.

  • Delete array elements that aren’t being used: right-click on the element to be removed, or added if you want more, and select Data Operations->Delete Element. (corrected as per Jonathan’s comment below)
  • Select which PWMs each motor will use per the descriptive note.
  • Decide if you want to reverse one side or the other (depends on motor installation).
  • Name the motors by adding a Registry Set

For CAN, the Motor Open inside the For loop gets replaced by the appropriate third-party Open, e.g., Talon Open, and the inputs get all changed.
Or I’d suggest that with CAN you just do it the way you’re used to doing it and the CTRE/Rev examples show.



Please excuse me, but if you’re speaking of the index box of the array constant, no! Changing that does not change the data of the array constant at all, it only scrolls you down. If I drag that VI snippet into LabVIEW and set the index of the array constant to 0, I see there are 2 PWM enums set to Invalid. This is explained in the video below at 11:20

This video explains how the new Drive Open Motors code works in detail. I go through changing the number of motor controllers, type of motor controllers, PWM vs. CAN motor controllers, and a few different roughly equivalent ways of doing things.

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Yep, sorry I needed to delete the extra array elements.

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