Missing pages in the Game Manual?

Our team has been going over the manual, however there are a number of blank pages, with no header/footer, including some in the middle of the game rules (eg p 52). I don’t recall seeing blank pages in the manual like this in the past…

Those are pages in between sections. Section 9 starts at the top of page 53.

Right, but then why not start it at the top of 52?

I cannot tell you how the GDC makes decisions.

If your biggest gripe with the manual is blank pages, count yourself lucky. There are a number of errors that I am annoyed by.

It’s common to start new sections on odd pages. This way if it is printed double sided and bound, new sections always start on the right side. Sometimes the author will let you know this is happening by adding “This page intentionally blank”.

The manual also uses terms from last year. For example, the manual refers to the SCALE when describing the roles of the TECHNICIAN