Missing Part TE-20000-10

Hi all! One of our mentors has been working on building our half size field and have come across a problem. He can’t find the schematics for part TE-20000-10. It’s labeled as a .125" HB divider for the Loading Bay. Anyone else run into this problem? And is there anyway to address this? Thanks!

Yep - not in the packet, I found that last night, too.

I’d build everything else, and wait for an update. It’s a part that won’t directly affect your robot design, so it can probably wait.

We drew these up with the CAD model, installed them, and they work great.

Mods- I counted about 5 threads about this part, maybe we should merge them all?

It looks like the drawing for TE-20000-10 is missing from the Half Field and Minimal Field drawings only file. Or am I just incredibly blind?


@nick4130 @juliasdad
Correct, looks like it got missed to me.

Fake it with TE-2000000000-07 and these cuts:

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Hey all, trying to build the loading bay today. And we can’t seem to find the cut list for piece TE-20000-10. Any help?

I merged the ones I could find. If you spot any more, please flag them and a mod will take care of it.


… and put them in the “Field Building” category…

Since you asked so nicely… done.


Thank you!!

TE-20000-10 was added in 2020 Team Update 01: https://firstfrc.blob.core.windows.net/frc2020/Manual/TeamUpdates/TeamUpdate01.pdf?fbclid=IwAR3IpJSCYzNrCLswMoeRV3iga6doXPWYVcmjanOP-8ERu2l3QA4kMBjB4B4.

Additional pieces were corrected as well.

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