Missing Parts!!!!!!

1 servo
All 30 amp snap-action Circuit Breaker
The Whole Terminal Supply Bag
(GB) Spacer, Steel Spacer for 2"x 4" material (all)
(TR) Spacer, steel Spacer for 2"x 4" material (all)
Pnematics Kit, Rod Clevis, Cylinser, Parker
and finally the plug for the yellow ball
We are a rookie team and this is the first year we have done this challenge. If anyone can give me tips or help please do. My e-mail is falcon03003@yahoo.com. Thanks.
Chris Simpson
Monte Vista Robotics Team.

My advice is to keep an eye on this thread.

Please remember to search before you post. Unless this was an accidental new thread. :smiley:

Please don’t take this as a rude comment - I love rookie teams and I’ll do anything to help you! That said - you need to read the manual cover to cover. Also, when posting on CD, use the search feature before starting a new thread. This way you can find what you need without waiting and without having another thread on the same topic. All you need to do is read over page 8 of “The Robot” and you’ll see how to get your parts. If you need anything - anything at all - come to CD and we’ll help you out.

Best of luck!

Thanks Guys,
Ur real helpful. Ill talk to u guys and hopefully get my parts