Missing reputation?

Who all here actually misses reputation and why? I personally don’t miss it for a couple of reasons. One is that it unnecessarily limited its users. I had been on the site since fall of 16, and I still wasn’t able to edit messages or post direct pictures. I also felt like it was a confusing system, with little about it being directly stated. I had no idea how much better five dots was than 2, and how it was actually earned. What are others thoughts on why they do or don’t miss rep?


I like the ability to like posts better than reputation.


Is there a “dislike” button? If not how will we replace red dots?!


The Flag icon below posts actually gives you a bunch of options.


I like this quite a bit actually. I’m sure it makes moderation a bit more transparent.

Is there a system here for users with many likes and few flags to become “trusted users” (or something equivalent) to show that they know what they’re talking about? Kind of like the way rep system was supposed to work or like other platforms like StackExchange have?

I think that would be helpful, especially if we no longer have signatures, team numbers, or personal info in each post.

I miss it only because it was a quick reference to identify a “new” person. Really I miss everything about the signature/user display.

Getting used to this though… The “Like” feature is nice.


I’d disagree here, because as I said in the first post, I was on CD for three years, and I still had no dots.

I think the Join Date/Rookie Year was more useful for that.

Even after the dots are gone, people still wish they had more dots…


Likes are the new dots?



Looks like it tracks who reads the most CD too. Keep spamming that refresh page!

The numbers look weird. The only way that I get numbers that reflect how many likes I have given/received is to show only today. All time, week, month, quarter do not show correct.

Ode to the dots of yore:

Oh ye reputation dots of olde chief.
How I yearn for thee.
Keeping score for eternity no more.
How will I know who to trust and who to ignore?
How will I know that someone’s feelings are sore?
Without red dots and PMs to explore.
Oh ye dots of olde chief…
Upon further reflection, I’m glad you’re no more.


Besides knowing who posts a lot, I’m not sure how much I’ll miss it.

The biggest thing that Likes improve over reputation is that you can see how good a particular post is.

You don’t need as much “look at my long term credibility to determine the weight of my statement” (join date, rep bar, etc) if users can just Like posts they see with accurate and useful information.

I don’t miss rep. It was often a tool for borderline harassment and didn’t really add much value once it was so inflated.


The old reputation was a sort of private channel of communication. Users couldn’t see from whom someone received reputation (though those with more of it also dished out more points) nor what particular posts received reputation. It was easily broken/abused since there was no public accountability and you couldn’t give rep to the same person twice without giving it to nine other users first.

I like Discourse’s public Like system much better so far. You can easily see which posts people value in a thread and click the number next to the heart icon to see who actually liked it.


It would be nice to have a trusted user group, maybe a different color name or something. The likes are great at pinpointed what posts are the more helpful.

It also helps prevent people replying to just say they agree, they can instead just like the post they agree with


I wonder if we can track all social groups on CD. who constantly like the same folks posts and comments. I think there would some interesting revelations.

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Really going to miss all of the folks braver than the troops who would red-rep-bomb some new guy because he was not pro-group think, as well as the truly morally sound people who would rather send a red dot to show me they mean business instead of a PM when I did something they did not like.