Missing reputation?


I’m really going to miss the people who feel the only recourse to receiving a red dot is to go find a random post by that user so they can “return the favor”.


Don’t worry, now you just need to get two friends to flag a post with you and it’ll be automatically hidden.

Much more effective and completely anonymous! (to non-mods)


Will be interesting to see if two is too little to hide a post.


Thanks for pointing this out! Very cool feature.


Discourse has this built in: Blog Link
They’re based on post count, visit time, read time, etc etc. The Admins should be able to modify these trust levels, or even to create some that allow manual assignment of trust levels.

I’m on another Discourse based forum that uses the trust levels to draw attention to posts from specific users. They also have a level of user that can hide posts (in contrast to the default behavior of Mob-Rule), but not ban/close/modify users like a moderator.


I just found that there are dozens of badges, maybe that will become the new dots “I have 1640 badges!” Or will that will become quickly confusing as people ask for badges from Team 1640.