Missing Serialized Tags/Other Problems

Hi, I’m from FRC Team Patribots 4738 and upon receiving our KoP we are missing the serialized tags. We tried contacting someone the day after kick-off but received no answer. Does anybody else have this problem?

We also ordered a cRIO from the FIRST choice program and it is still in processing, even though it was ordered almost 3 weeks ago. Has anybody received their cRIO from FIRST choice yet?

Thanks, and have a nice day.

Missing or broken kit of part items were supposed to have been identified to FIRST by 1/10. More info here.

You should have gotten 6 in your black tote. If you really don’t have any. You can try to contact FIRST about getting some of these sent your way. These are certainly items that you NEED. If you don’t have one by bag day (2/18) you won’t be in compliance with the rules. See herefor more info.

I would say a quicker option would be to contact teams in your immediate area. Every team received more than they need. They should be more than willing to give you one from their KOP. To find teams in your area you can use the tool on FIRST’s site. The Holy Cows would probably go out of their way to help you out though, not to volunteer them.

As far as first choice orders go, you can check the status of the order by logging in to firstchoicebyandymark.com. Click your team number at the top, then click on the “Orders” link at the left.

In the order details you should be able to get a tracking number if the items have shipped.

We placed an order 12/29 which was delivered 1/10 (shipping was delayed to avoid delivery to a closed school). Our second order was placed 1/7 and doesn’t appear to have shipped yet.

Okay, thank you!
I do believe that one of our mentors has done the inventory notification from the TIMS before the 10th.
We placed our order around the same time you made your second order, and it hasn’t shipped yet so we might be in the same boat.
We have received everything else ordered, though

Emailed Andymark, they said their automatic update service isn’t working. I’d recommend you email them as well to receive your tracking number.
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