missing set_digital_output vi

Hey guys
i can’t find the Set Digital Output.vi anywhere in our program.
Can anyone direct me where can i download it from? it’s really important we want LEDs for the driver.


This it?

It sounds like you might to want to put the LED on a driver station. If so, look in the Driver station palette on the lower row.

Greg McKaskle

I want an LED on the driver station, and can’t find the VI, it’s as if it is missing…

Since missing can mean several different things, can you tell us exact steps you took (and the results) that led you to conclude that it is missing.

One thing to verify is that you are using LabVIEW update 3.0a.

Do you see the VI in the attached picture?

no, i don’t see it, and i am using the correct version of LabView.

That is really odd. Go to the Tools menu and switch your palettes. Perhaps the update didn’t agree with the palette files. Switch it back if you want, but see if this helps to refresh the icons.

Greg McKaskle

It might help if you posted what your driver station pallet looked like.

it looks as though what we have is the same thing posted by Joe just without the needed VI.

Is there a way to manually download it?

WPI Robotics Library -> IO -> DigitalOutput -> SetValue.vi

once again, it’s not there…

Are you missing the entire Driver Station palette, or just the Set Digital Output.vi?

Just this one

It should be located at

C:\Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW 8.5\vi.lib\Robotics Library\WPI\DriverStation\Set Digital Output.vi

I attached ours.

Set Digital Output.vi (17.4 KB)

Set Digital Output.vi (17.4 KB)

There we go…
Thank you very much mate =]