Missing solenoid

So it seems that our kit came with 2 of the 4 way, 2 position double solenoids

However I can’t seem to find the bottom part of it (that screws in). Does this not come with the kit? If it does come with the kit, which bag was it included in, and if not, where can I order these?

Thanks everyone.

Yeah, that would be the manifold, or the base mount. That’s a different piece than the actual solenoid. Get the SY3000 pdf and order it. It has a different part number and all. That’s what I get from it, because on the parts list is says nothing about the base mount or a manifold from SMC.

and the pdf is here http://www2.usfirst.org/2005comp/Specs/SY3000.pdf

Actually if you are looking at he kit of parts check off list it is listed under kick-off pickup and is called the sub base. Check with your teams main contact to see if they can ask your kickoff location people if there were some they found. They were included as in the kit but a seperate package.


Yes it was a pick up item at the kick off
however at the NJIT kick off they were not handed out
and when they were mailed out we only got 1
should we have been mailed 2?