Missing start.vi for encoders?

Our team is attempting to set up code for an encoder in Labview for this year and we have been looking at the help file for setting up the code and the example it shows has a start.vi. However, in the WPI Robotics Library, it appears the vi is missing. I don’t know if I am missing something or if there was an error downloading but any help would be great.

I don’t see the Start.vi you are referring to in the basic Encoder example.
Perhaps a screen shot and circle the vi you are asking about.

This is a basic Encoder setup

Here should be the link to the two screenshot I have. I understand that it shouldn’t go in periodic tasks I was just using it for a blank space and thanks for the basic code that helps a ton.

Hi Cammy::safety::

Oh, that example is from a long time ago, so no Start.vi is required any longer.
It was eliminated as unnecessary, but updating the example was obviously overlooked.

For a working example (they are stand-alone programs that you can run as is to test with-they expect to be connected via USB tether),

  • Start from the Getting Started window
  • Choose Support
  • Click on Find FRC Examples…
  • The example window that pops up will have a Sensors folder
  • Open the Sensors folder
  • Double-click on Encoder.lvproj

I have some more basic LabVIEW examples here, too: Team358.org - Robotic Eagles - FIRST® Robotics Competition
These examples are called Snippets and can be saved to your desktop, then dragged onto any block diagram to become actual code.