Missing the FIRST frenzy


As I sit in my office at work, I was browsing through CD today and it made me realize how much i miss the FIRST experience. Sure I’m still partially involved and I will be a ref this year at the Philadelphia regional but it’s just not the same.

The screaming onlookers while your behind the glass for two minutes controlling the robot that you devoted 6 weeks of your high school life to not have a life :stuck_out_tongue: . Then being able to walk up to your opponents win or lose and smile and laugh with them in that same moment. The sportsmanship, companionship, and overall sense of accomplishment. The late night delirium you and your teammates have all experienced together. The seemingly endless pot of coffee that is always on. The “unintentional” sleepovers at your high school, and going home to shower and coming back to school less than an hour later. Recruiting new members and not telling them what they’re getting themselves into ;).

This is what i miss.

Has anybody gone away and just miss FIRST like i do?


I feel exactly the same way, I miss being a full fledged team member and I am hoping that one day I can help coach my old team or another team in my area, till then I’ll just sit around trying to volunteer when i can and help my old high school when they need it =(


I am so going stir crazy. My team is competing at Rochester (and doing very well), and I am stuck in CT (8 hours away, or I would have driven there last night after work).

I am watching the Peachtree webcast for the feel and sounds of a regional, and surfing robotpictures.org and FIRSTrochester.org and looking for pics of my team, and on the phone with my team, and IMing people who are also on the phone with my team, and surfing CD for the latest updates.

AHHH!! Multi-tasking rox my sox off!!
I’m so glad I don’t work on weekends.


Yes as i attend the UCF regional next week its going to be tough not being a student and a operator. But i have found new ways to keep my self busy during the weekend with volunteering. I mean sure i will never be able to be a participant again but as a college student there are many other things you can do to help FIRST.


This year is my last year as a FIRST student… I know for a fact that I will miss it tremendously. There’s no feeling quite like that one you get when you’re behind the diamond plate controlling a metal beast that you’ve put your blood (literally), sweat (more literally), and tears (probably literally) into, and it working.

Undescribable. And I’m gonna miss it quite a bit.