missing transmission

we have a dual motor transmission and i cant find another online does anyone know where i could find another?

Is it the one that came in the kit?

If so, you can find it here: http://www.andymark.biz/am-0145.html

Other gearboxes are located here: http://www.andymark.biz/amshifters.html

can i use a gearbox from 05 if we have it laying around? … and thanks for the help

The 2005 and 2006 gearboxes were custom made for FIRST. Therefore, you can’t use them under <R32-B>. Note: the rule specifies the 2006 gearboxes, but take it from someone who competed with them both years, they are identical.

However, I seem to recall that the ToughBox uses the same gearing as the 2005-2006 KOP gearboxes. It is, however, a current COTS item, and is therefore legal.