:ahh: My team has downloaded the virtual kit and we cannot find any of the pneumatics except for the connecters. We are trying to use pistons and have looked everywhere. If there are any new additions to the library, please tell us where to get them.

I don’t about any virtual kits… but if you mean from FIRSTCADLibrary.com, there were two pneumatic cylinder downloads on the site.

Well, apparently FIRSTCADLibrary.com is down due to the lack of bandwith, but you’re in luck. I found two pneumatic cylinders on my computer. They are the 3/4-inch bore and 2-inch bore downloads. I uploaded them to a Geocities account. Get them here:

3/4-inch bore
2-inch bore

NOTE: After extracting the .ZIP files, the Inventor files are in .IGS format

Since it is the First release, we can likely expect more releases of other pieces. When? Just check daily, plus if you need these pieces now then make them in Inventor, if you can wait for their release (Whenever that might be) then wait.

I believe there was an Email address in the Zip on how to contact them in case of questions.


Bimba’s website will generate any piston you’re looking for in Cad!