Mission Mayhem 2007

As the official 2007 FIRST season ends, everything is calming down slowly. But we invite you to get ready for another Mayhem. Let the new members on your team get a taste of a FIRST competition. The Mayhem committee has started to plan on Mission Mayhem 2007.

  • The competition will take place on September 8th, 2007.

  • The event will be in Miramar, Florida (High school TBA). It will be inside a high school gym this year. So we don’t have to worry about rain or flooding. The pits will be in the cafeteria.

  • Registration fee is $250. Please email me at [email protected] for initial registration. We will open up the official registration next month.

  • Team limit is 35 teams. Please register as soon as possible.

  • If you would like to **volunteer **for the event, please send me an email ([email protected]) with your job preferences (Field reset, scoring, referee, crowd control, volunteer registration, team registration, field setup/breakdown), first and last name, email address, contact number, the high school/college/company you are represent.

  • If you have a practice robot that a high school (interested in starting a team next year) can borrow, please let us know.

  • As we get close to the date, I will post a list of restaurants, hotels and food availabilities at the event.

Finally, here is a little contest for all the artists out there in the FIRST community. We are looking for a logo and we need your help. In the previous two years, Jaine Perotti (an alumni of team 716) has come up with a wonderful logo. You can see both logos and get an idea of what we are looking for (Thanks to Bharat Nain and team 25 for hosting the files). The FIRST logo and DeVry University logo must be present in the Mayhem logo.

We are looking forward to see the Mayhem teams are going to create this year. Let’s not have the nature create the Mayhem this time.

-Arefin Bari.

Arefin said it all right there. As usual Mayhem will need the great group of people which usually turn out to make this awesome event work. 1251 will be there in full force ready to lend a helping hand and try our best in the competition. Once again please let us know if you will be able to volunteer.


So Mission Mayhem will only be a 1 day event this year? Interesting.

I can probably make it to volunteer for field setup/breakdown. I’ll send an email when I can confirm.

-No L

Yessssss! Now thats what I’m talking about… Can we get an all you can eat buffet thing goin on?

If FIRST is looking for ways to improve, there it is. Although we need to be careful not to get metal chips in our macaroni.

lets get this mayhem started!!! lawl

count me in :smiley:


Its intresting that its a fall competition now instead of a summer one. Inside!!! Where’s the fun in that? i liked sweeping the water into te drain.

arefin, i already told you my answer and i am now confirming it

feild reset please, i also want a shot at MC.

with all these florida offseason events, we can turn this into a sort of tour event, I mean now your gonna have

Mission Mayhem
USF invitational
robot Rodeo (Not confirming this one yet, but i’ll look into it and post maybe sometime next week)

you said the locatin is still tbd but do we have any leeds so far?


Isn’t hurricane season over by late fall?

Nope, we have had hurricanes in November too. :slight_smile:

You guys seriously need to move.

is it going to be full field or only partial?
dillard MIGHT be big enough but it would interesting for them because no one would understand what was going on… lol
they finished the cafeteria so, that could be helpful, too.
the gym is big enough, i think.

We already have few schools that we are choosing from.

We will have a full field shipped down to us.

There are about 20 people who have recieved a PM from me about an hour ago. If you are going to participate in the contest to make a new logo, please check out the logo violation rules before you proceed to make a logo for Mayhem. I understand that “technically” the rules will be violated. Once the committee chooses the top 3 logos, we will send an email to FIRST and ask them if we can use their Logo in the Mayhem Logo. Thanks.

Now I can’t speak for Arefin himself, but when he first created the thread to announce Mission Mayhem, he mentioned that he wanted a new logo for this year and that it was indeed a public contest, and that was a few days ago. I do believe it was the lack of entries that caused him to send out the PMs.

On the other hand, I’m so excited for Mission Mayhem this year! I haven’t been able to attend with my team in the past but I hope to convince them to go down this year, but I will be there with or without the team ready to help out.

I’m beginning to make plans for travel to Mission Mayhem '07. (It would be just me.)
Looking forward to it!

PINK plans on being there too!

I am making official that the TechTigers 1251 will be attending Mayhem to compete and also help out

and I would like to volunteer for anything I might be able to do as long as I’m not helping out 1251


Are you kidding me? I mean…seriously?
That is really making me jealous and pushing me to buy another plane ticket.
And as much as I want to come, i need to save that energy to convince my team to come to Florida Regional next year. (Arefin, help?..lol)


Get them to Mayhem…they will want to come back for the regional!!!
You know where the house is Maddie…and the couch if you need it