Mission Mayhem 2015

Congratulations to all teams on a successful FRC season. As teams are getting ready to plan their offseason projects and events; we invite you to come join us at Mission Mayhem 2015. We went on a long hiatus for six years and this season, making a return.

Mission Mayhem will have a full FIRST field and will take place at the home of The SigmaC@ts (Dillard High School in Ft. Lauderdale) on September 18th and 19th. September 18th will be a setup/load in day and we will run some practice matches at night in order to ensure that the field is in working order. The qualification and elimination rounds will take place on September 19th, allowing teams who choose to come in on Saturday morning.

We are coordinating our event with two other offseason events (Panther Prowl and Roboticon) in Florida. Criteria for the Registration are the following…

  • $150 for a single event
  • $125 each event if registered for two events
  • $100 each event if registered for three events
  • $50 for an additional robot

Registration link: http://goo.gl/forms/VJk2VwvMC0

This time around we also have several committee members from most of the local teams who understands the need in South Florida. I will make another post recognizing all the committee members behind Mission Mayhem 2015. We will be releasing our website soon.

We are also open to ideas on rule changes (please make suggestions in this thread). Teams are allowed an extra 5 lbs that can be added to the robot.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact me.

Note: Sorry for the pm, just realized you wanted suggestions here…
Have you considered Chezy Champs rules? They seem to be even better than the iri rules.

This should be a fun event cant wait to get our bot back on the field!

Where would we be able to find additional information on the event (schedule, team list, updated rules, etc)

I recently sent out an email with the tentative agenda and information. I will be updating this thread with the information as soon as we finalize it (by the end of this week) and send out an email to the team’s as well.

Awesome, thank you!

Here is the website. We should have it updated by the end of this week.


Quick note - the main page doesn’t fully load :eek: (working on it) but if you click home it will come up :] .

The rule changes, a current team list (quite a few teams with two robots, we will be updating the list), and a tentative agenda can be found on the website.

Final agenda will be released this friday.

Preview of our new 3 tote auto ready for Mission Mayhem. Looking forward to the event!

So glad to see this event back after a very long hiatus. 2 questions,

  1. Any chance of a webcast for those of us not able to attend?

  2. What will the tournament bracket look like given there are currently 19 robots registered? Will this be decided at the event?

Thanks for all the work you do, Arefin and David! It is very appreciated!


Unfortunately, we will not be able to do a webcast. This year will be another learning year for us allowing us to evaluate the positives and negatives and plan better in future.

We will have 6 alliance elimination round.

I will be sending out an email to the main contacts of the teams with info.

Which way are we doing it, since this game the playoffs are not necessarily direct elimination rounds would we do:

Top four move on as normal?

Or are are we going to give 1 and 2 buys then 3v6 4v5 3v5 4v6 and top two move on?

I personally like the former but if we are doing the latter we should atleast give the 1 and 2 teams a chance to scrim each other just to let them work out potential kinks with communication on the alliance since it may put them at a disadvantage heading into semifinals otherwise.

Can final event details be made a little more public than this?

I like this better than the other options.

Although not as ideal as the first solution I certainly agree with this.

Before we make anything public or final, I want to speak to our fta and figure out the best way to run elimination with 6 alliances.

Any info that was sent to the main contacts can be found on the website… www.missionmayhem.org

All the event details can be found on the website as well.

Completely understandable about the webcast.

Will look out on the website for elimination specifics. Thanks again!

Thanks to all who made this event go on with only limited Mayhem. I had a lot of fun working with George and Bryan to bring you all the action from the field.

Great event, a lot went right!
Hopefully we can get all the rules changes figured out before the event next year!

From what I could see my team had a really good time at this event. Despite all the field delays (which eventually got flattened out), and no live scoring (which is very acceptable) it was a fun event throughout the entire day. The presentation of the event looked solid, the music was really good, and though out the entire day it looked like a lot of work and care went into this whole event. Hopefully next year we can see more Florida teams come to see this for themselves.

I know for a fact that even though I’m moving to Texas at the end of this year that I definitely want to fly back to see and or help with this event!

We changed only one rule to keep everything simple which was posted on September 2nd (on here and on the website). As far as my knowledge goes, there weren’t any other changes that were made.

Were you told something different?