Mississippi Off-Season Event

Are there any teams that would be interested in competing in an off-season event in Mississippi this summer?

Although venue securing is currently in progress it will be ideally held on Mississippi State University’s campus? If everything (or mostly everything) goes as planned it will be held in either late May or early June (the date is flexible if needed).

Although the event is still early in the planning stages, we want to get a general idea of how many teams we can get to compete.

If this event can gain enough traction I will move this to another thread. There will be more information to come later.

Best of luck to all of you this competition season.

456 (Vicksburg) would be very interested but timing of the event would be critical. Late May/early June would probably not be a good time since it is the end of the school year. Later in the summer would be better I think. You will need to coordinate with Daniel and 3337 and not overlap with Red Stick Rumble as well. We can supply experienced FIRST event volunteers including field setup and field support, an FTA, and robot inspector(s) to assist with the event if needed.

We are definitely flexible with the date. One of the main concerns we had is if the date would conflict with other off-season events in the region, and when during the summer could provide the largest turn out.

We’re open to all suggestions and advice. We want this event to be as enjoyable as possible to all attending teams, guests, and spectators.

Mississippi State has a beautiful campus and is definitely a place to visit for college-bound students.

We’d be interested in going. Like said, the timing is critical. Maybe something in the middle of July would work.

We’ll go to yours if you go to ours :smiley:


June is a no-go for the event. I’m currently checking to see if there is availability in July. Does anyone know of more teams that would be interested in attending the event. We need more teams interested before completely diving in.

Well I’m sure you could get some Memphis teams to go and most of the teams from Red Stick last year

Bayou is this weekend so you could possibly find out there.

July 12-13 works good for our team :wink:

I cannot speak for the teams themselves but I think its likely Team Fusion 364, Team Tempest 1927, Team Storm 4107, and maybe team 1421 from the Coast would attend. Depending on the timing and finances of course :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I’d imagine 456, 1912, 2080, 3666, 3753, 3337 would all attend (definitely more than this…just what I could think off the top of my head)

I’m crossing my fingers for July

I’ve heard nothing but positive things about Red Stick Rumble. Any generous teams feel like carrying an extra passager :slight_smile:

Once the venue and date are confirmed, we are planning to put up a registration website. Do you know if 364 would be interested in attending. Have 100% Mississippi FRC team attendance would be great.

Although the registration fee has not been decided yet. We are aiming to keep it relatively low and allow rookie teams in free to encourage more teams to attend.

If any of you have spare time can you please fill out this quick survey:

We are interested, but we can’t give a definite yes or no. We would have to find out after the results of our season.

Time to uncross my fingers, it doesn’t look like there is any availability this summer. Would anybody be interested in perhaps a Fall event.

1912 is in

What would the registration fee be? Would the event be during school or a weekend?

If everything works out it would be a weekend competition (Saturday) with the field open Friday afternoon for practice matches to test everything out.

As for registration fee depending on how much we money we can raise it will be anywhere from $150-$250 (most likely 200 or lower) with rookie teams receiving free entry.

Also summer is not completely out of the question yet, we are currently looking at other venues. Worst-case scenario: The event will be pushed back until next summer.

I’m not sure yet, but it is possible that 2080 will attend. That is if certain dates don’t overlap.

Just to let everyone know in FRC land, there will be a Mississippi FTC off-season event on July 19 - the Summer Block Party! One final time to play this year’s great FTC game before the September announcement of next year’s game.

Location will be at the University of Mississippi and teams from Mississippi and around the country will be invited to fill 16-20 spots.

More details in the FTC forum as we firm them up.