Mississippi Stennis Center Kickoff canceled

The Kickoff event scheduled for tomorrow has been canceled due to severe weather conditions. Teams will be notified of the plan for kit distribution very shortly. Hope everyone has a good weekend, stay safe, warm and dry.

5 states so far… Let’s see if any more states cancel their events. Stay safe and warm, Mississippi.

Edit: 6. I forgot about Virginia.

Knoxville, TN has said they’ll evaluate early in the morning. Notoriously out here among our K-12 students, the Knoxville area tends to be warmer and get less snow. All the surrounding districts get a good amount (and out of school). We got a light dusting today with a lot expected overnight.

Edit: I live just across the state line from Stennis Space Center, and work at Stennis, for the US Navy.

We had beaucoup rain today and we’re looking at freezing temps for most of the night and continuing until late morning, which sounds like a perfect recipe for ice on overpasses and our many bridges (some of which cross bayous and drainage canals so small as to be invisible to drivers). As this part of the country gets a few dozen spots of ice every five or ten years, anyone who has spent his/her whole life here is absolutely clueless about driving on it.

I’ve traveled enough so that I have enough of a clue as to how to drive on ice and snow that I know just how much I DON’T want to drive on it with the other locals. (I hope that made sense; if not maybe the rest of this paragraph will explain.) I remember watching someone on TV in the December '89 snow telling the news crews that if he spun his wheels fast enough, he’d melt his way down to the pavement and be able to drive away easily and safely. He wasn’t joking. He was absolutely serious. Even if I were from Buffalo or Minnesota or Saskatchewan or Sweden or wherever and REALLY knew how to drive on ice and snow, I still wouldn’t want to be on the same road with that guy.