MIT Atlanta Party

I’m just wondering if anyone else is aware of or is planning on attending the MIT sponsored party while down in Atlanta? I am looking forward to seeing some new faces and meeting some new people! Let me know if you’ll be there.

what/when/where is this party? is it open to the public (and i’m the only one who doesn’t know)? or is it for a select few?

I’m curious as well, I haven’t heard anything about this. Like Roger said, what/when/where?

Sorry, I probably should clarify…

The party is open to students that were admitted to MIT this past fall/winter as the class of 2008. And, I just wanted to see who else may be going.

Ahh I see…

How many firsters were accepted to MIT?

Its for admitted students who can’t attend the campus preview weekend because the date coincidentally is the same weekend as Nats.

mzitz2k, I e-mailed them asking for more information when they first announced it, but they never got back to me about it… do you know any of the details?

4 people from team 57 have been accepted to MIT. We plan to show up. :wink: Look forward to seeing you there.

Hey Dan,

Yeah the party is going to be Friday at the Embassy Suites hotel near Georgia World Congress Center and the Olympic Park. It will be at 7:00 PM.

Wow, four on one team? That is fantastic! Cool, I will see you guys in a few days. And, good luck at nats.

there is 1 student on team 768 who was accepted

select few, but you should want to hang out with your own team anyways jeez… :slight_smile:

First you don’t pick us in FantasyFIRST, and now you are planning on going to every party in atlanta…im beginning to question your loyalties Roger :ahh:

after putting up with ya’ll for 6 weeks and a regional, i’d like to get out some :slight_smile:

…you don’t pick us in FantasyFIRST…

i’d rather not be responsible for single-handidly jinxing the entire team.