MIT goes to near space for $150

Check this stuff out. Very cool

For anyone that wants to do this kind of thing and is in the Florida area, check out the Florida Space Grant Consortium’s Space Academy. It’s a 5 day or so long program. They put you up in a hotel in Cocoa Beach and for two days you get pretty behind-the-scenes tours around Cape Canaveral and Kennedy Space Center: Orbiter Processing Facility, Vehicle Assembly Building, International Space Station Processing Facility, etc. etc.

For the other two days you design a meteorological balloon payload consisting of a GPS and camera system. On the last day it is attached to a weather balloon and launched. From the ground station you get to watch the video and track the balloon across Google Earth (using a particular programmers snazzy tracking software :p). I did it in March of '09 and we had video transmission up to about 100,000 feet, when you can start seeing the division between “space” and the stratosphere.

It is a great networking opportunity as well. The people that I met during my 5 day workshop led to a summer internship at Kennedy, which led to me designing some tracking software for FSGC.

Check it out,

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