mix and match animals

If you could combine any 3 animals, which animals would you combine and why?

Lion, Ram, Snake.

Put it all together and you get Chimera the fire breathing monster that they talked about in Mission Impossible:2

Also I think that would be neat to have as a really really big pet.:smiley:


a platypus, a yak, and a jackalobe.

why? you ask. Because platypi rock, jackalobes are already weird, and a yak because it was just random.

An Elephant and a Rhinocerous. I know it’s only two, but it’s funny. You’d end up with an ellifiknow

For starters a Moose (of course), crossed with a turtle, and a cheeta. The frame and size of a Moose with a gigantic turtle shell that can move as fast and swiftly as a cheeta. Now that would scare me!:frowning: