MK2 swerve drive wheel wear

We do now. Any idea how much is appropriate greasing. We normally pack it in closed gearboxes. With an open gearbox it seems like heavy packing would allow the grease to get everywhere?

Do people print some sort of cover for this?

We use a “dry” spray lube. Seems to work pretty good.
I’d love to have some sort of 3D printer cover also.

A light coat of grease should do the trick. Use just enough to keep the friction low, but not so much that is flies out.

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I’ll sign up for the Pre-order. I kinda hope it’s a 2 piece to act as a clamp


During our off-season we created two part grease covers for these modules:


We are starting to see the edges of our bevel gears dent and get pushed. Is this abnormal or to be expected? We are crossing the rendezvous point multiple times a match.

Yeah that kinda thing tends to happen when you ram metal into metal at a high velocity.

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