Mk3 Swerve Module Encoder

We just got our hands on our first swerve modules from Swerve Drive Specialties, the Falcon Mk3 modules, and we were wondering what we need for encoders. We have access to SRX Mag Encoders, but as far as we can tell we are unable to use these with Falcons. Is there a way to use the Mag Encoders with Falcons, or could we just exclusively use the internal Falcon encoder?

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If you go to CTRE website they have a “magnetic encoder user’s guide”. In that manual it shows you how to solder wires to the encoder and wire it to a pdwm cable that can be plugged into the roborio.

If you don’t mind spending a little extra money, CTRE make a CANcoder which sends it’s data through the CAN network making it a bit easier and cleaner to use (in my opinion).

You can use your SRX Mag encoders with the Mk3 modules. At a minimum, you need an absolute encoder to tell your software which way the swerve wheel is pointing when you start up. That’s why there is space on each module for the SRX Mag or Cancoder encoder. Once your software knows the initial position, it can keep track of and control the position using the relative encoder signal from the steering Falcon or you can use the absolute encoder to continue to sense and control the position.

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