MK4 swerve Module tips and tricks

Team 1997 is getting a new Swearve Drive, yet we have no clue what to expect from them. Does anyone have any tips for us? Thank you

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Don’t try to use the SDS SwerveLib in any way. Steer away from their official software, it’s terribly structured and has several miscellaneous bugs. Use GitHub - Team364/BaseFalconSwerve instead, if you are using NEOs you can try to adapt it. I also hear YAGSL is also a pretty good swerve library if you want to get something up and running fast.


When programming the controls consider moving the speed off of the left stick and only use the stick for translation direction, us a gamepad trigger axis for the speed. This gas pedal approach takes a bit to learn but makes fine control much easier.

Consider also slew rate limits and even a slow mode

You can look at our controller code. Excited to see what Stag does next year with the swerve drive.

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For the 4 C++ teams out there, team 1771’s code is a good starting point. It has a few initialization bugs and some oddities with rotation but it is very clean and well-optomised.


Slow mode is a must

REV swerve code did a lot of the slew limiting and other work that made it fairly controllable. I am not sure how the 2-3 mentioned SDS libraries handle that, but for part of this summer, I’d like to review more in-depth this code to understand and learn better how we can push limits from the stock code. It seems this type of slewing though could be implemented in SDS code reasonably if not already in place.

We didn’t need to make a gas pedal trigger but ymmv depending on driver preference. I do notice different students had less success until they practiced with it as they wanted to tap the throttle which you can’t really do successfully. Learning to keep your thumb to the stick and making smooth movements is maybe one that takes practice.



Leave yourself plenty of time to work out bugs in software

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Be careful when you install the encoder magnets It’s easy for them to jam and not fully seat.

This seems very unique. Do you know any other teams using this method?

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6391 does for sure and I have heard a couple of other teams using gas pedal approach but can’t remember what they are. It comes from the RC racing world where they use a trigger for speed.

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Team 3512’s swerve code is base falcon adapted for neos. A few things need to be adapted for the 2023 odometry update though. Our team has adapted this code for 2023 and added additional documentation.


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