Mk4 Swerve Specialities

Hi this is team 4737, we are currently struggling to have our code show up on the driverstation for our swerve drive. We are able to get a build successful but the when deploy it the DriverStation says, No Robot Code. If you can help us as soon as possible that would be greatly appreciated.

Here is a link to our code:


While it may not show it on Github, we have our IDs for the Cans and Talons set as well.

You seem to have a SdsSwerveLib vendordep from last year. That will conflict with this year’s libraries.

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Not only are your vendordeps old, you shouldn’t have both old and new commands vendor deps. Your WPILib version is also 2021.

If anything, I have this topic where a guy linked the newest SDS library if you need it.

Heh, I missed that on the first pass. That should’ve meant that the deploy checks should’ve rejected the roboRIO version, right?

OP, have you updated all the software to legal versions for this season?

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