Mk4i test chassis CAD

Our team’s modules are arriving any day, and we need to build a test chassis, so I borrowed from 254 a bit & came up with this test chassis design.

I’d say I’m still an Onshape and design novice, so I’m sharing this in case a few folks might take a look and let me know what I need to correct. I’m sure the part sheets are terrible by pro standards :slight_smile: .

And if anyone needs such a test chassis design once it is confirmed good, feel free to copy.

UPDATE: I’m going to assume this test chassis CAD is fine since it has had some views. The modules are arriving tomorrow. I will say this: We have some really interested & committed students on our team, but it has been a long time since I’ve seen a group of them be so energized to make something happen as with the SDS swerve. Inspired me seeing them at our meeting tonight! Wish us luck.

Thanks – Chris


Hi, we recently made a similar chassis for offseason training. One thing we did was place some extra mounting holes in those box tubes that connect the modules so it’s easy to mount more things on the chassis without needing to drill extra holes. Maybe your team could consider that as well!


Hey Chris, its great hearing about your students being excited about the swerve. This offseason we built a swerve robot using the MK4i’s as well to get familiar with them. Our students like yours were very excited as well as some of our mentors, lol. I have attached a link to a step file of our swerve chassis from the robot we made to compete in the offseason. Hopefully this can inspire your students. One thing I’d like to point out after looking at your test chassis is the addition of more mounting holes to you 1x2in tubes. We like to think the more holes the better as they reduce weight as well as provide ample mounting opportunities. I also was curious on the material you’ll be using for your belly pan, it looked pretty thick to be aluminum so I’m guessing wood. The wood will be a great place to attach your electronics too for your test chassis. You can see on our chassis we added a cross bar to add more rigidity too our frame. You might want to look at doing that and then you can decrease the thickness of your belly pan. Let me know if you have any questions!

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