Mk4i top mounted krakens

does anyone know a way to mount krakens to the top of a mk4i module like how they’d be mounted with a mk4, but with only the components you have with a mk4i?

My team and I have no personal experience doing it but it seems really doable since teams were doing it this year. I would suggest looking into this Reddit thread about it and checking out 4522 and 4766’s CAD models and build thread.

My team did this with Neos but I’m sure the process is somewhat similar. You will probably need to make new 3d printed spacers for the motor pinions and another spacer to account the flange on the output shaft of the motor. We made ours out of PLA and they lasted for practically the entire season. Apart from the spacing, the screw patterns should still work for top mounting. Hope that helps!

Our team mounted them like this this year, though I had nothing to do with it. I’ll see if I can’t get a few folks to respond in the coming days. Until then I yield to others who may know more

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(2491 member here who fliped about half of our modules)
It felt felt pretty intuitive to assemble flipped. If you want a cad model for it you can check out robot cad in our OA. The only thing that it needed was a few washers in to make the spacer on the screw in the corner “longer.” If you want to be extra fancy you could machine a new spacer.

We had no problems with the functionality of this configuration and the extra ground clearance was nice, we did have wheel guards to stop us from getting stuck on or running over notes.

Link to our OA that contains robot cad: FRC 2491 NoMythic| 2024 Build Thread| Open Alliance