MKCad - 2020 Season Updates

I don’t know…

I’ve tried both listed in MKCAD. The ‘Chain Path Generator’ doesn’t resolve. The ‘Chain Path Generator (In Place)’ does not give the right #35 chain dimensions when the pitch is adjusted.

I added a configurable rivet to MKCAD - Fasteners. Let me know if it’s missing any features.


The original “Chain Path Generator” from the MkCad - Featurescript studio seems to be broken. The in-place generator is one of mine. I’ve fixed the dimensions on my versions of both. I’ve also just added a simplified chain path generator as well because I found even my optimized realistic generator anemic.
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Thanks! I’ll check it out

@Ty_Tremblay Thanks, I’ll check out the popped rivets soon.

@techplex is awesome and added the 2020 field to MKCad! We’ll work on making it more searchable add adding additional features like team versions soon.

would be cool to see the printable 2in mecanum wheels from 125 added to MKcad, they seem like they are going to be a popular option for intakes this year next to the wcp and ttb ones.

edit: sorry for the ping, i meant to reply to the thread, not your post.

If you find value in adding the lightweight one I did, go nuts.

I couldn’t find 6in versa wheels in MKCAD. What am I smoking?

there are no 6" versa wheels

do you mean these?

I did. Can’t find those either.

Added real quick. no weights or anything.


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3in compliant wheels are not in the wheels library.

PS - the configurable versaplanetary assembly is the bee’s knees. I am loving MKCAD.


I also notice there isn’t any shaft collars. I’ve been importing my own into individual files and updating the material but it would be nice to be incorporated into MK.

Can the configurable Versa-planetary be edited so that 0 stages is possible (similar to attached photo that I had to do manually). That would be amazing.
Thanks again in advance, and I absolutely love MKCAD!

Annotation 2020-01-12 172909

@Leechar careful there - the 775 free speed is higher than the max RPM of the mag encoder by a hefty margin.

MKCad - Shaft Retention ?

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Had no idea that was a thing. Got lost in all the copies. Thanks Ty!

Another request for the gang: REV UltraPlanetary. Looks quite promising based on the Ri3D builds I’ve seen, and a 1000ish RPM shaft spinning for under $150 (half of that in the motor controller) is a strong price point.

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Apparently these encoders have gotten better since I looked at the documents last, 15krpm max for quad output. My bad.