MKCAD - 2021 Requests and Updates

Hi all,

I’ve been receiving a few requests for additions / changes to MKCAD. The 2020 Thread was a great success, but is getting outdated.

If you have requests for MKCAD in 2021, please post them here. If you’re interested in updates as we add features / parts, we’ll be posting them here as well.


Hey Ty and MK Team,

Was just wondering if the REV Through Bore Encoder could be added?


I should start drinking coffee again, just missed it before in the sensors folder, thanks!


Ty and Team,

Thank you for assembling the MKCAD library. I have been using it extensively since my switch from SolidWorks. I want to see if there any way we could have more complete BOM data for parts? I do not mind updating the weight or P/N of a component after I insert it from the library. Currently, with Onshape’s set up, I cannot update item data without ownership of the part. Weights and Part numbers are my biggest wish. Currently, we are moving to a model where we use the BOM from OnShape to generate a purchase order list for each vendor. If this data is tedious to update, I would be more than willing to lend a hand!

I am sure there is a way to ‘download’ the MKCAD library, make it a local document to our team then adjust the P/N’s and weights from there but I would like to maintain ties with the MKCAD library.


Matt C.


I believe weights should be in most parts. If you can let us know either in this thread or directly which parts do not have weights, that would be greatly appreciated and can be quickly added.

As for part properties/bom data, we really haven’t gone down that rabbit hole. I think mostly we’ve avoided that, but it can be added. If you’re willing to help add that, I’m sure we can work that out!

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I’ll join Matt in offering my services to add part numbers. I’m sure we’re not the only ones who find that data helpful.

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Thrifty Bot’s clamping bearing block would be a useful addition to MKCAD.


As a very early preview, here’s what I’m working on as an alternate interface to MKCad. This will be available as an app that you can subscribe to from the app store, making the pane available in all your documents.


In the FTC document, it appears that the 75mm mecanum wheel assembly has a hub installed by default. Is it possible to update this part so that the hub is not present? There are various ways teams use these wheels that make use of other hubs.

Additionally, one of the most common uses of the 8x12mm REV bearing is to have the 5mm hex insert assembled to it. A default assembly of this bearing with that would be very nice. There is a fused part that exists, but either an assembly or a multi-body composite would match up better for BOM purposes (in addition to having correct colors :slight_smile:)

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Is the Evergreen FIRST Field perimeter available through some ONSHAPE cad resource?

If not, could you include it in MK CAD?

Not in MKCAD, but there is one I maintain here:

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The sample game design challenge solution has a clean evergreen field based on the FIRST model this year. There is also a getting started model I will find for you


In MKCad - Sensors could someone assign weight to the copy of the Lamprey Encoder that doesn’t have a button on the back, please?

@ajlapp Do you know what the weight should be? I couldn’t find it in your documentation. If not, i’ll just put in generic PCB material for weight minus components.

It’s listed as 0.1 lb at the bottom of Team 221 | Lamprey Absolute Encoder

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I will weigh the components and post here next time I’m down in the lab.

That weight listed on the website is likely not accurate.

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the WCP rotation configurable assembly gears aren’t matted. could you please fix it?

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Lamprey Magnet - 10 grams

Lamprey Sensor Board - 4 grams


The Vex 1x1x0.040 wall tubing in the Extrusions grouping has the holes on two faces and is missing the holes on the other two faces.

I’d love to have the new UltraPlanetary output and 1/2" hex adapter added to the configurable UP. Ideally with the outermost part of the output stage toggleable to make custom output stages a bit easier.

It’d also be nice to have the new NEO pinions.