MKCad - 2023 Season Updates

Hi I was wondering what happened to the configurable chassis? Is there anyway to get it back?

That solved it - thank you!

Can we get the CANivore added to MKCAD please?



Could we also get a VersaPlanetary Lite option in Configurable VersaPlanetary please?

Limelight 3 would be appreciated. thank you to all the mkcad maintainers

Added to Sensors document. Moved older limelight models from Electronics to Sensors.

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First of all, thanks for doing this. It makes life so much easier.

Secondly, adding the two gear-steered models of the configurable Swerve X would be nice (currently only the pulley version is there).

REV’s RT25 pulley generator is available through MKCad now if you prefer that workflow.