MMH Troubles

Just so everyone knows FIRST has placed an hold on orders (of bearing blocks for shure) comming from MMH, they will not be shipped untill the hold is released. My team is despretly counting on getting the bearing blocks from them and sent a fax to MMH 1 hour after the form was discovered by our team (friday) orderd them next day air, wich cost us $60 and today (wensday) we still havent recived them. I was told about the hold by the lady at MMH when I called to find out the status of the order. I donot at this time have access to the first Q&A fourm so I cant find out from first what is up, however this has severely hurt my team, we have lost totally lost 4, now to be 5 working days because of this, and im getting severily annoyed along with the rest of my team. :mad:

IF anyone could post this in the Q&A fourm on first, before I get our password that is I would appreciate it.

what section will it be under, and can you make the question a little bit more condensed for me. if you reply back before 2 pm il post it there for you.

Sorry dident update the thread but I have already posted it (actually 2 times by accident… dont hit the back button) if you search for mmh then you can find the question there… I will update the thread when i hear somthing either from the fourms… or thru a few calls that have been made.

OK just got some info from first via a phone call.

Apparently the hold message taht MMH gave me was a generic message that dident actually have much real value. The real story is that they were out of stock on the bearing blocks. First sent over a shipment today so some orders should go out tomarrow. I have no idea on the other offerings from MMH