MMP / Houston Einstein 2020 scheduling conflict

Houston Einstein is set to take place on Saturday, April 18th, 2020. However, it seems that the Astros are playing at MMP that day at 6pm:

I take it this means no MMP this year…


no, they’re going to kick the astros out like they did in Detroit for the 2019 NFL draft :smiley:

please please please astros people be nice


I am truly saddened /s

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what’s wrong with MMP?

Some people had a bad experience. Some people don’t like change. Some people are just grumpy.

Nothing is really wrong with it if its all you know. Old folks though… we like our robots uphill both ways in the snow.


“Everything” is a cliche response, but…

If I wanted to be able to see nothing but a blur I’d turn on any division stream instead, they’re roughly the same quality.

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More discussion here: FIRST Championship 2020

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With Bosch drill motors!


you really aren’t allowed to be this edgy until march, or you’ll burn right through your quota


Hey, I resemble that remark!

MMP is just too far from the stands to see anything, and the camera work isn’t.



Couldn’t complain too much about my view…


Could they have moved it to NRG Stadium?

Probably burned through it already thanks to summer CD tbh


Other side of Houston.

Lobby was for Toyota Center or whatever it’s called, where the Rockets play.

Unlikely to happen, especially if the Rockets are in the playoffs, but you can dream…


So the NBA playoffs start on Sunday April 19th.
That leaves an opening for Saturday.
Just about the same distance as Minute Maid Park (MMP).

In My Humble Opinion, this would be a much better venue than MMP or Ford Field.
Much tighter viewing.
One can only hope that this is the case. Waiting for FIRST to post the details.
Maybe we could leave some Power Cells and the Power Port for the “Beard” to assist in Stage 3 attainment.

Although maybe on the Discovery Green a la Epcot? IDTS, but one can dream…

Naw, host it at Top Golf and make it VIP only.


havent personally been to MMP but i havent heard great things. one is the fact you have to leave one venue to go to another which seems like a huge hassle for FIRST and spectators. its a pain to go through the line to get in, it can be super hot and the price for a bottle of water is outrageous and as in most major sports venues no outside drinks.
speakers are right next to bottom stands and theyre loud as hecc
the field is in the middle of the baseball field out side the diamond so far away and hard to see.

but its a neat venue if you get around all that lol.
again, havent experienced this myself, this is just what ive heard.