MMRambotics - 12.2 Second Bumper Change


Here is a [i]short clip of out bumper mount system, the bumpers are able to be changed in 12.2 seconds by four people.


That’s a sweet system.

I do hope that that isn’t your finished robot. Bumper must be back by the robot frame per:
M. The entire length of the BUMPER backing must be supported by the structure/frame of the ROBOT (i.e. the backing material must not be in “free space” between or beyond attachment points) (see Figure 8 – 3).

A good hit, at the top of your bumpers, could seriously bend your mounts.

the mounts are about 1/2 way up the bumper, and the entire length is supported by the frame.

highlight Mine The length is supported, the entire height isnt (and isnt required to be).

Although I agree that a hit at the top very well could damage the bumpers or frame.

I’d be more concerned with the provision that bumpers must be securely mounted. I can’t see the details of the system, but I’d expect an inspector to want some assurance that your bumpers aren’t going to release when someone runs into you. If you leave a bumper on the field during a match, expect to receive extreme scrutiny from inspectors and an order that you make sure it can’t happen again.

They stay on very well, In this photo there is a spring that is not shown but it is where the blue arrow points. When you push up on the bolt towards the bottom of the frame the the bumper slides out as shown here

The bumper system is very robust. Even a horizontal blow from below will not likely dislodge the bumper. The means by which the bumpers butt up against each other (45 degrees) creates a solid bumper “unit” with the bumper structures “supporting each other” as well as the frame.

Those links are not working now. Can you get your pictures into CD?