MN North Star Regional not at Mariucci this year

I’ve been recently checking the 2022 frc event listings and today I noticed that 3 of the 4 Minnesota regionals were all posted today, however, with the omission of the Minnesota North Star regional (which typically occurs in Marriucci arena in Minneapolis). Is there a scheduling conflict on week 5 this year preventing the regional for occurring? Or is it just yet to be finalized and posted?

Mariucci is under construction and is shrinking from an Olympic sized rink to an NHL sized rink. Here is their newsletter talking about it from this month (September)


Standby for news on that regional. As @mjmayer shared, Mariucci is not available as a venue this year, so planning for that regional (such as identifying an appropriate venue) has been challenging - but we have way to many teams to just drop a regional!


The announcement below was sent out about 20 minutes ago by our local RD to the team contacts in TIMS:


If you would like to take this opportunity to explore other regionals near us, there typically is space available at the Iowa Regional (Week 4), Wisconsin Regional (Week 4) and Seven Rivers Regional (Week 5.)

Are those events confirmed for those weeks in 2023 or was she just referencing the 2022 weeks?

La Crosse Center is a pretty good venue, and the area is nice soo teams who haven’t had a chance to compete there yet should have a good time.

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No clue. Sadly, I don’t have any insight into those events, and they aren’t available on FIRST’s event search for this year yet. I will say that, historically, those events have been very consistent from one year to the next.

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Not quite a double, but I’m smiling.

The recently renovated La Crosse Center is a great facility.

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I count 54 teams that attended a Minneapolis event as their only event in 2022. 5 or so of those teams were already traveling to attend Minneapolis so presumably it wouldn’t be a big deal for them to change events.

With that, I’d estimate roughly 50 spots at 10K will be taken by local, single event teams assuming they are given priority. The capacity for the event was 55 teams in 2022, although I’d expect to increase back to 63 teams like it was in 2019. Roughly 10-15 “at-large spots” available for the single Minneapolis event in 2023. Going to be difficult to get into!


I’m sure there are plenty of 2-regional teams that can’t afford to travel for 2 regionals. It’s going to be interesting to see how those teams work out registration - do you travel for a single event, or decide if you’re stuck with a single event anyways, it should be the in-town event so you can save a little money? I would be surprised to see any second plays happening at 10k this year.

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I’d currently be in this boat with 6045. Need to kick the fundraising efforts into overdrive to change that. Fantastic point that didn’t even click for me… An event with all single event teams would be extremely interesting.


Our team is also currently in that discussion. Alongside with missing more days of school, we would also have to be out of town the week before final exams to attend a week 4 regional, as well as needing to significantly increasing our fundraising.

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I knew that with Mariucci under renovation that the NorthStar would be moving, but I had thought it would be in the Twin Cities metro area or even St. Cloud or Rochester. Now we are looking at traveling for a 2nd Regional if we don’t get into 10K. Any stats on how many MN teams doing 2 Regionals travel to both?

I know it can be tough to book venues that have the capacity to host a Regional so I am sure the planning committee has been feeling stressed trying to find a suitable venue.


If only there was a different competition structure that would give teams more events closer to them and also allow them to play two events for the price they currently pay for one…


Spoken like someone who wants to move to MN and put in the work to make something different happen…

Do we really need to devolve this into another thread about districts?

I mean it seems pretty relevant to the topic of this thread. This is a prime example of some of the risk of the regional system in this dense of an area.

But sure, let’s deflect and get immediately defensive about districts when one person brings it up.

And for the record, I’d love to help but already have my hands full trying to get Illinois to switch. But I’m sure (actually positive) there are people in existing district areas who would love to provide guidance and advise to the MN region on how to make districts work.


The North Star Regional has not been cancelled - rather, it has moved to a venue in La Crosse, Wisconsin for this year

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Basically The vast majority of teams outside the seven county Metro area that does two regions will be on travel for their events ( at least 20 last year). There’s a handful of teams around Duluth and Grand forks that can attend a home regional without the need for travel.

My two teams have been a one regional each team for several years. We were able to scratch up enough funding A couple of years pre-COVID to send one of my teams to a second regional. We have some very generous sponsors now who allow us to do two traveling regionals with both of my teams. For many teams in the state there is no regional that they would call a home regional and wouldn’t require travel.
The closest regional to our teams is a tie between Duluth and Grand forks at 130 mi. This year unfortunately they are back-to-back weeks which I have no intention of doing.
We will be going to two regionals this year with both of our teams. I don’t think that any of them will be in the state of Minnesota.
I really would have liked to see the temporary venue in Central Minnesota or North Central Minnesota.


and thus, the Minnesota Chief Theory once again proves itself true…the longer a Chief thread about MN goes on, the more likely it devolves into arguments about districts.

For the record, I am pro districts, but I also understand the immense efforts it would take to switch for our state. I know for a fact that our RPC cares about teams and works hard, and while I would love to see them take more initiative in the switch to districts, the unique challenges MN would face in the switch are legitimate (although not reasons to abandon the idea entirely). I hope someday in the future MN will finally make the switch, especially as the state with the second highest team to population density, and if by the time I am an alumni the switch still hasn’t occurred, I will happily volunteer and help organize the process as, while this is something I care about, I also believe should be handled with respect and gracious professionalism by both sides, something that rarely occurs. At the end of the day, every single student and every single mentor in MN wants what is best for the program, and while at times that causes conflict, I wish on CD as a whole, these posts didn’t devolve into pointless fighting on both sides that gets us nowhere, but instead real discussions on the challenges we face in the shift and the ways we can overcome them.


As one of the most vocal members of the FRC community regarding MN districts, I’d like to speak to the positive direction that I feel we’re going… Our new RD is doing an awesome job. I’m really excited about her involvement.

The leadership in Minnesota is making an active effort to involve alumni in the decision making processes regarding the future of the program. Whether Minnesota is on the immediate path to districts or not, I’m confident that the team experience will be prioritized.

The situation with Mariucci Arena is unfortunate, and a small setback to the team experience in MN. It’s thankfully just a one year thing and we’ll come out on the other side in a better position for teams!