MN preseason rankings

Welcome to the land of 10k lakes, the mission of this account is to provide a power ranking of Minnesota teams based off of their performance during an event. We want to narrow the focus to just Minnesota teams and have a panel of FRC alumni to provide a high quality power ranking. This is the preseason poll, and thus, everything becomes harder to rank. For the preseason poll, the panel was asked to rank teams based on how well they will do over the course of the FRC season. Our panel based their vote on week 0 performances, reveal videos, prior team success, and insider team knowledge. Following the preseason poll, a team will have to compete during the given week to be ranked (similar to FRC top 25), and ranking will be based on the performance of that specific week.

Preseason rankings:

**1: 5172 **(49)

5172 has been one of the best teams in the state since their rookie year, and we believe 5172 will continue this trend. 5172’s robot features a triple climb, fast lift, and an extremely effective intake. We’re sure this robot will impress at Great Northern this week.

**2: 4539 **(39)

The best way to describe 4539’s performance at week 0 is dominant. 4539 looked extremely polished at week 0, due in large part of having 2 weeks of driver practice under their belt. Their intake and lift can compete with any robot I’ve seen so far to go along with a nice climb. Look out for 4539 this week at Great Northern.

3: 2175 (36)

2175’s intake is simply the best intake in Minnesota. It allows them to efficiently score in the switch, or scale, and their lift is also lighting fast.They might also have one of best drivers in the state, and that really made a difference at week 0. Don’t be surprised to see another 2175, and 3130 pair up winning at North Star during week 5.

4: 2502 (35)

After a disappointing year, Talon is hoping to soar back to its 2015, and 2016 form. Talon has multiple different autos and working on adding multi-cube autos to their resume. Their robot also features a triple climb and a simple, but effective Greenhorn style active/lift design.

T5: 3130 (23)

3130 is looking to build upon what they have done the past 4 seasons. 3130 displayed a simple intake and lift that’s sure to keep them completive at their events. 3130 intake didn’t look up to snuff during week 0, but their previous work leads us to believe this will be fixed come their first competition.

T5: 2526 (23)

2526’s robot looks extremely polished, but they had issues with their drivetrain that kept them from ranking higher on the list. Crimson is elite at every level of the game. They should be able to make some noise at Lake Superior during week 2.

7: 1816 (13):

1816’s robot is in theory able to do every element of the game with their multi-climb, intake, and forklift. Their robot didn’t have a strong performance at week 0, but our panel believes they will iron out the kinks come competition season.

T8: 2052 (12)

2052’s title as the best team in Minnesota is being threatened by the likes of 5172, and 3130, but their robot still remains near the top in the state. Their double ramp system should have them consistently facing the boss, and their intake looks very effective, but their lift seem to be a little slow compared to other teams on this list. Look for 2052 to seed high, and pick the best available scale robot at Lake Superior.

T8: 3082 (12)

3082’s intake and lift both seem to be very effective, but they had some troubles getting their climb to work during week 0. This since has been fixed and should make them a top bot at both of their events. This robot has the potential to be 3082’s best robot to date.

10: 4607 (11)

4607 has proven to be extremely effective at filling the Vault, doing so faster than any other team on video. Their reveal video also showed an extendable arm and shooting capability to the Scale that is still unproven. If they can figure the Scale out like they did the Vault, look for 4607 to climb these rankings.
*( ) indicates the points received out of 50

And the North Dakota team ranking in no particular order: 876, 877, 4818, and 7048

Glad to see 2526 getting credit. Their robot blew me away at week 0 and I think they should be higher on the list.

Agreed. 2526 looked very polished - I would have them near the top as well.

MN and ND regionals look really packed this year. Should be some awesome competition! Good luck to everyone!

I’ll be very curious to see how various polls rank elite Switch/Vault robots compared with top Scale Robots. Good luck to all the Minnesota teams competing at GNR this week!

Hmm very good teams. We will just sit in the weeds and surprise not only ourselves but hopefully everyone around.

See you at MFR

Anyone who was at Centurion-Krawler should have noticed 3244. Really nice job with the scissor lift, and I love your orange bumpers.

Back to the OP, your descriptions were all excellent. I am beyond hyped for GNR (on the bus there now) and the rest of the season. Hopefully 2018 is the year of Minnesota on Einstein!

If you thought our elevator was fast at week 0, wait until you’ve seen what we’ve done for Lake Superior. :wink: (Or if we put out a reveal video like I keep saying we will)

Hmmm :wink: