MN week 2 rankings

Welcome back to our weekly power rankings. This week we’ll be ranking all the MN teams that competed during week 2 of the competition season.

Week 2 rankings:

1: 4539 (60) Winner

Kaotic kept up their winning ways in Duluth this past weekend. 4539 took home their second banner of the season, and this time as the 1st seed alliance captain. They nearly went undefeated until 2175 died during the 2nd finals match. They are clearly one of the top two teams in the state. 4539 will be looking for another banner at Detroit champs.

2: 2502 (54) Finalist and Wildcard

2502 didn’t put up as many cubes in qualification matches as we had expected, but that was in large part due to spending upwards of 60 seconds trying to get the Face the Boss RP. 2502 picked it up a notch in eliminations as they captained their alliance to the finals while also displaying very versatile auto routines.

3: 2052 (40) Finalist and Wildcard

2052 always finds a way to make it to the finals and that statement was true this past weekend. They were the 2nd seed alliance captain, but could have seeded first if it wasn’t for an unlucky field fault that resulted in 2052 losing the replay. 2052 had a very effective 2 cube switch auto and look for them to fine tune their scale auto for week 5.

4: 4198 (33) Finalist and Wildcard

After a somewhat disappointing season debut at GNR, 4198 bounced back at Lake Superior. They were one of the best scale robots at Lake Superior, and they joined 2052 as part of the 2nd seed alliance. This alliance steamrolled their way to the final where they met the buzzsaw #1 alliance. It’s a shame that 4198 won’t be attending the Minnesota State Championship. Hopefully their ticket to Detroit makes up for that!

5: 2987 Finalist and Wildcard

One of the top 4 scale robots at Northern lights, 2987 ended up seeding 6th going into eliminations. They joined 2502 on the 3rd alliance as they bulldozed their way to the finals before being defeated by the #1 seed alliance.

6: 3276 (29) Winner

3276 had a very simple robot, but that didn’t stop them from performing at an incredible level during the qualification matches. They were ranked 3rd and were picked by 4539 to join their alliance. This alliance was nearly unbeatable in the playoffs, finishing with a 6-1 record during eliminations, and taking home a banner. 3276 will be attending the World Championship for the first time in team history, and they have a robot that can do some damage there.

7: 4607 (27) Semi-finalist

CIS had their best regional performance in team history with easily their best robot in team history. 4607 ranked 13th with a 7-2 record and was selected 3rd overall by 3100. 4607’s Switch/Vault robot lived up to the hype from their battle with 1836 as they were one of the best at the event on the low scoring objectives. 4607 was knocked out in the Semis, but still qualified for Champs with their 3rd Chairman’s Award win in 3 years at 3 different Minnesota events.

8: 2526 (25) Quarter-finalist

Crimson had a very solid robot this year which led them to a 7-2 record and the 11th rank at the Lake Superior Regional. They were selected 6th overall in the draft by 93 and teamed up with 5690 to form a really strong 6th alliance. Crimson could easily score cubes on the Scale, although this ability was diminished when the Scale was tipped away from them. Look for 2526 to improve significantly for Iowa and to compete to be a top 3 pick there.

9: 3100 (13) Semi-finalist

3100 came out of nowhere to be one of the strongest Scale teams at Lake Superior. 3100 had a beautifully implemented Simbot Sideswipe style intake along with a quick and reliable elevator. These features carried them to an 8-1 record and the 4th ranking. 3100 captained the 3rd seeded alliance and helped carry the alliance to the Semi finals. 3100 will be a strong competitor at the Minnesota State Championship.

10: 3184 (7) Semi-finalist

Don’t worry 3184, we didn’t forget about you! 3184 played at the Heartland Regional, but that didn’t stop them from cracking the top 10. 3184’s robot slick forklift, and intake allowed them to be an efficient scale bot, but their auto was also extremely beneficial. They captain their alliance to the semi-finals and look to improve upon this at 10k regional.

*( ) indicates points out of 60