Mobile Browsing

You can now use Tapatalk (a 3rd-party application) to view Chief Delphi on your mobile device. This application only supports the default vBulletin discussion forum features of Chief Delphi (CD-Media, CD-Swap, etc., are not supported).

Tapatalk is available for iPhone ($2.99), iPad ($2.99), Android ($2.99), and Blackberry ($3.99).

Search for ‘Chief Delphi’ on Tapatalk, to browse the forums.

Let me know if you run into any problems using it.

My problem is my iTunes card ran out, and now I can’t get the app! Can’t we have a CHief Delphi app? Though it does work well in a mobile browser.

Finally! Thanks so much for implementing this!

Thanks for doing this!

This is fantastic. Will certainly make things easier in the upcoming season. ::rtm::

Any plans for a CD standalone app? We would like to put this on every member of our teams iPad/iPhone/iTouch, but we would like to try to not have to spend that price for each of our 14 members + mentors!

Of course, due to the awesomeness of Chief Delphi, we might concede to buying them anyway :smiley:

Setting the forums up to use Tapatalk is probably all that will happen, as far as an official Chief Delphi mobile app.

For all those like me who refused to buy tapatalk for your phones - The public beta release of Tapatalk 4 Community Reader is FREE today on the Google Play market on Android, and I completely love it!

Even though money wouldn’t really be a problem for me, I think I’m going to stick to using CD with Safari. The website has 0 problems with mobile browsers, and I think that the layout is perfect as is. This is coming from someone who has his iPad at school everyday and always uses it at home too unless he has a good reason to switch to his laptop (ie: CAD or code).

Tapatalk 4 was just released for android and is on sale for 99 cents for the first week. Considering it goes back up to $5 after that, I recommend buying it now if you are interested in it for this year.
It is still glitchy, but worth a buck to me. I have trouble with chiefdelphi login on my Note 2, but I can still read as a guest. On my tablet I can login but reply hangs. Hopefully, they fix these issues before the season. CD loads quicker on tapatalk (should save me some data) and reads easier (no zooming, easy access to various threads).

Thanks for the feature Brandon!