Mobile Goal Scoring

Can someone tell me where I can find the information on how to know which side the mobile goal counts for in the final score? My team is having trouble finding this in the manual.


I’m not exactly sure what you are asking for. There are two mobile goals, one for each alliance (red or blue). One mobile goal belongs to the red alliance and the other to the blue. You can tell which goal is yours because the goal platform will be, you guessed it, red or blue. :slight_smile: Im not sure if they start out on a specific side each time.

My take of it on kickoff is that it does not matter… but I was watching the crappiest feed in the world at IIT… it was a remote kickoff site yet no dish to pick up the cable… we watched the online feed… so maybe I am mistaken.

-Greg The Great

P.S. If I find it in the manual I will let you know.

They do have a specific side that they start on. If you were in the red alliance station then the Red movable goal would be the one on the right.

Thats right… I don’t believe it matters where they are at at the end of the match tho.

-Greg The Great

This game has much in common with previous years games, although it has one major difference, no “scoring zones”. I beleive the points are scored no matter where the mobile goal ends up.

i’m not so sure, because dean made it sound like you could move the opposing goal into your scoring zone…

I believe that you can move the opponent’s goal into your “zone”, but it will only allow you to control the goal, not gain any points from it, I believe.

you can get the manual at

I believe that it is not like the game from 2000 or 2001, the last goal game. This year one goal is specifically assigned to red and the other to blue, so I would assume(and the manual seems to confirm this) that if you are blue and your container is full, but on the red side, then your team still gets the points because its the blue goal.

ok, well, if this is the case, one of my team members parents had discussed moving the opposing alliances goal into your scoring zone, and if need be at the end of the match, giving points to the other team. cough perhaps the GP everyone’s been talking about? cough

Yea, my team also had similar ideas about moving the opposing team’s goal around, that way you can ensure that the losing score would be fairly high just in case. So I am pretty sure that it doesn’t matter where the goal is, but on what color it is.

too my knowledge it can be either side

if your on the red side blue goal is on the left and reds on the right and visa versa for the blue side

you can run all over the field with your oppositions goal and if you’d like you can dump the balls to so that you may up ure score just rememeber your robot can only manuever the balls to you nothing more or less it would be fun to see alot of teams turn there 2000 - 2002 robots into a transformer 2004 super bot heh.

Seeing as I am the person that started this thread, I thought I would be the person to end it with the official answer from FIRST (which includes my question to them).

Section: 4.4.1 Date Posted: 1/10/2004 Status: Answered
Q: Will the mobile goals be scored for each alliance based on their color or their location?

A: They will be scored based on the color of the goal.

how many balls can fit into one mobile goal?