Mock FRC game: Gangplank Gunners, powered by Leap's Bumpers


Hello everyone! With season finished early, I wanted to design a new mock FRC game. This game is called Gangplank Gunners, powered by @Leap’s Bumpers. I enjoy sharing these games with the community, so feel free to use it however you may please. I would love to hear your thoughts on it, and I am also happy to answer questions about the game.



This is really cool!! Feels like a mix of 2008, 2014, and 2020. I’m not sure about the whole priming the tug-of-war thing but it seems like an interesting endgame. Could potentially lead to teams trying to use as much force as possible against the thing holding the rope which would be fun to see. I’d also be interested to see how teams can have both a solid shooter and a gentler mechanism to place balls on the rigging in the endgame. This feels like it could genuinely be a FIRST game; great work.


Would it be legal for Team A, a red alliance robot, to contact, pick up, and pull, the blue alliance’s TUG-OF-WAR pull bar within the final 10 seconds of the match. If not, would it be a violation of G12 for Team A to contact, pick up, and pull all 3 of the blue alliance’s TUG-OF-WAR pull bars within the final 10 seconds of the match.

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The intent was that opposing alliances should not be able to contact ropes on the opposing alliance’s side, but that may not have been clearly communicated through rules. I’ve added G21 to clarify this. Thank you for catching it!

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Did you intend for there to be a possession limit on cannonballs?

No possession limit.

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Well I’ve been looking for a CAD project to do.
I now know what it will be.
Game looks awesome!


Hey all,

During this game’s development, Andrew and I had some really differing thoughts as to how to approach this challenge. We’re always curious to see what strategies people come up with, so if you’re planning on using this as a design challenge, please feel free to post your designs in this thread (maybe along with a strategic analysis writeup?) so we can use them as feedback for future games!

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We? What’s all this “we” stuff, I’m doing all the hard work!


You told on yourself in the OP :wink:


Powered by doesn’t mean made :stuck_out_tongue:


@Andrew_L I don’t know if this was in the game manual or not(I looked through it to try and make sure it was in there or not) but is there a limit to how many cannonballs an robot may control at a time?



Can I put this guy on my robot??


On that note, is it legal to grab onto the rope, or just the pulling bar?

How much can the rope extend outside of the tug of war boxes?


The rope is 24 feet long until it splits into the two sides of the pull bar on each side, and the TUG-OF-WAR station itself is 8 feet long, so the rope can extend a maximum of about 16 feet from a single side.

So the biggest way you could break this game that I can see so far is to pull the tug-of-war rope in auto and drop it so that it creates a ‘barrier’ in front of your opponent’s passing zone, which would force them to either get fouls when driving over the rope in teleop, or risk getting fouls by going into your passing zone and hitting one of your alliance robots. You could argue that this is breaking G02 on creating an intentional foul, but since this is part of an objective you’re trying to accomplish (pulling the rope to get auto points), the intention gets murky.

I would probably clean up the tug-of-war interaction rule between auto and teleop, as it sounds like if you’re holding the rope (intentionally or unintentionally) right after auto, you’re going to get fouled immediately which isn’t particularly fun. Probably change it to something like: “You have 5 seconds after Auto to stop interacting with the rope or pulling bar.” This doesn’t solve the issue if the rope got stuck in your robot and you can’t dislodge it, which I’m not exactly sure how to fix easily without making it exploitable.

In general though, I think a tug-of-war mechanic is an interesting endgame concept that if it was cleaned up a bit, would be an interesting alternative to all the climb endgames we’ve been getting.

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Tug of war reminds me of a certain year…

Overall, game seems like a really cool concept and definitely a theme I’d want to see in the near fuutre!