Modded Kitbot

So, we’re thinking of using the standard wide config for the wheelbase, but with extra wheels offset higher in the front. What do you all think? 2 CIMs per side…

Geez, that’s a huge picture.

What’s wrong with just the wide config? The one you have will make bumper mounting more difficult and prevent you from having a chassis cutout in the front.

Thanks for the input!
We’re planning to have a bumper higher up, and hopefully will have a chassis cutout in the front by using more support farther back…

Show me where you’re going to put the bumpers.

So they would pass in front of the wheels on the front?

In front of the wheels, but not below them. So, Yes.

S’ gonna be a pain to build.

I hope you put in “stepped up” bumpers that way because it was easy to draw. You can’t do it in real life. A BUMPER doesn’t have to be level, but it does have to be 5" top to bottom at all points.

Your FRAME PERIMETER is somewhere in front of the tilted up wheel (what ever structure you have in front of it). So you’d need a BUMPER on that section, and it must be in the BUMPER ZONE - 4 to 12" off the floor. Since the BUMPER is 5" in height, the most ground clearance you can get in front is 7" (12 - 5).

Your side BUMPER also has to extend all the way to the front, so it will protect the front corners.

Thanks! We’ll make sure to adhere to all o’ the bumper rules.

This looks like a bad idea. Sorry but it does.

Do you care to explain why? What evidence do you have or are you just judging off of looks?

As a CAD guy this is a nightmare. Bumpers are going to be insanely difficult, and manufacturing this out of a kit chassis while. Maintaining the necessary strength around the high impact joint is going to next to impossible. If someone showed a similar design as custom CAD that was going to be precision machined it would be one thing but if your team is using a kit chassis (my team uses one as well for context) then this sort of design is just too complex.

Not to mention the benefits are minimal. Your wheels Will not be the first thing to contact obstacles because of the front plate and the Cog is going to be off.

Just my Opinion

Thanks for your explanation. I see what you mean with the bumpers, but wouldn’t that effectively be the same challenge as with the AM Rhino Tracks. While I am not sure this is the best way to cross the defenses, it would certainly be an interesting challenge.

(BTW, I am a CAD guy too)

I never said the rhinos were going to make bumper making easier either. There was a cad competition a few weeks ago on here and I decided to try out the rhino tracks. Spent an hour trying to get legal corner bumpers on there.

I think you better off doing something simpler like a wedge on the front (check Andymarks new video). Switching to pneumatic wheels/bigger wheels or putting some type of puller mechanism on the front.

Although this definitely is a cool challenge. I just don’t always like cool challenges during the challenge of build season.

Use large wheels in back and a smalley one in front, works relatively the same