Model Airplane Propeller Model

Does anyone know where I can find an inventor file of a model airplane propeller for a project I am working on? Preferrably about a 12-15 inch one.

Here is one of the few propellor models I could find. I know it is not for a model airplane, but maybe you can work around with it.

If that won’t do, them search for a tutorial on propellor design on model airplane forums, or anywhere else for the matter.

I know this tutorial is for SolidWorks, but perhaps you also can work around with it.

And if you ever need anything else for inventor, the following site has been very helpful to me, with a large library of free downloads:

Prop.ipt (284 KB)

Prop.ipt (284 KB)

A bit late, but the NFFS (National Free Flight Society) publishes a symposium every year on all types of subjects, including model airplane props.