Model "Wish" list

I’m feeling motivated for some strange reason … :cool:

Give me some examples of models that you wish you had access to and I’ll make an attempt to post some of them on the FirstCadLibrary.

Please keep it on the component level. I probably won’t have time to model that 12 speed gearbox you’ve been thinking about.

If I can find the part in my junkbox - or - get enough data online, I’ll model it.

The new Breaker Panel would be a nice model to have. Specs. can be found on the IFI website.
Your website is great, keep up the good work.

dewalt transmission

I’ll second that…

How about some 80-20 linear bearings and more 80-20 products?


If you do get around to doing this, is it possible to do it as an assembly—with the components separated like in the DeWalt exploded view?


Thanks for all your great models over the years, it is a huge help to all of us. :]

I 4th the dewalt transmission. Is this an early christmas present??

I have a model of the breaker panel I made. A bunch of people asked for it and there was talk of someone hosting it, but no one did, so I still have it. It isn’t the greatest (it is missing things like the serial port) but it has most of it. You can try and download from my site.

I’d love to …

The bad news is that I don’t have one …

Anybody know how I can get my hands on one cheap ?

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Speaking of CAD parts,
Does anyone know if VEX has some CAD models of the parts somewhere??
If not, one of the kids on our team is just going to make them himself in CAD so no biggie.

I think the most intensive part (graphically anyways) of making the metal parts for example will just be the array of the square/diamond shaped holes.
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it’s coming give me a week to finish it but they will be there soon

Team 103 thanks you Ed for all your hard work the past couple years. Without you and other websites like yourself the inventor award wouldn’t be as big as it is today.


Since Streamline has not been updated in a few years…

I’m interested in anything BOM that is electrical. The new power distribution panel has already been mentioned. Updates to the Spike model (the new ones have a different form factor) and robot controller (different I/O placement) would be helpful.

Thanks for all your help.



I’m currently updating the Innovation First Parts including the Spike, Victor, and Controllers. The Breaker Panel is almost done. All of these Parts will be done B4 the end of the year.

Thanks for the input …


It’s a labor of love and I’m glad to hear from teams that find this stuff useful. It’s always kinda cool to see some of the parts show up in various CD posts when assembly ideas are being discussed. It keeps me motivated…

As a user of the firstCadLibrary, I’d like to give a thanks to Ed. Many times I’ve needed a sprocket or some other random part, and it’s been a major time saver to be able to go grab it there, rather than spend the time making every individual sprocket. So thanks!

Ed, if you need a DeWalt, Purchase one from Stu’s contact and let me know your cost. I will pay for it. It’s the least we can do with all of the work you do. PM me and I will send a money order (in American $).

I just received my Dewalt order yesterday. I’ll start modeling as soon as I finish the Innovation First parts. Thanks Steve for the offer. My FRC team (34) allowed me to purchase the parts.