Models for animation...

Posted by Al Peter.

Student on team #21, ComBBAT, from Titusville High School and Boeing/Nasa.

Posted on 1/24/2000 2:58 PM MST

I’ve heard that there is a website where I can download .DXF models (or files like them) of necessary robot components (drill motors, gears, et al)… Does anyone happen to know where this is? It would be very appreciated.
Al Peter

Posted by Kevin Sevcik.

Other on team #57, Tigers, from BT Washington and the High School for Engineering Professions and Exxon, Kellog Brown & Root, Powell Electrical.

Posted on 1/25/2000 1:52 PM MST

In Reply to: Models for animation… posted by Al Peter on 1/24/2000 2:58 PM MST:

I’ve found the link to the Digital Kit of Parts from the '98 competition. It’s totally free, and has .3ds and .dxf models of most of the motors and what not. The good Mr. Ed Sparks has been putting together a collection of the new parts on the MIT SharingFIRST website. He’s posted some comments on it in this forum and the technical forum, and I’m sure he’ll be along shortly to reply to this message shortly.