[moderated]: In Response to "Taking FIRST and turning it into 'Israbluff'"


First off, don’t claim to be a mentor when you are actually a high school student.

2nd, you speak about FIRST ideals like you know what they mean, but by writing this post you obviously have no concept of Gracious Professionalism, which is a key ingredient in winning awards such as the Rookie All-Star and the Chairman’s Award.

Team restructuring happens ALL the time in the states. A rookie team is a team that has never played under the registered number before that year. In the states, rookie teams are mentored by senior teams and senior mentors with YEARS of experience with FIRST. According to your account of the restructuring in Emek Hefer, this would make a large number of rookie registered teams in the states invalid.

Third, when you write a post based on “facts” please check your facts, and not contradict yourself. Since you haven’t had much experience in discussing in a public forum, let me explain. You say FIRST Israel “Registered them as a rookie team.” You then say a couple paragraphs later " All this time FIRST Israel officials claim that Emek Hefer will not be eligible for the rookie awards on the grounds that they are not a rookie team."

Fourth. Just because a team declines your “mentorship” as a highschooler, doesn’t automatically mean they aren’t a rookie team. Pop your ego bubble and pull your head out of your xxx.

Fifth. Adam Hillel’s interview, or any public forum, has no bearing on what the judges decide at a regional.

Sixth. “The team from Kiryat Yam builds the best robot among the new teams.” This is your opinion. If your team WAS the best robot among the new teams, why did it rank 31st at the regional behind Emek Hefer, who placed 6th.

Seventh. “The regional arrives. Kiryat Yam and Emek Hefer set up their pits.
The robots compete. The robot of Emek Hefer performs way way better.
Kiryat Yam robot performs well among the other rookie teams, 2 from Jerusalem and other total of 2 from Om Elfahem and Osfia.
Kiryat Yam looks for judges to make the presentation of its hard work.
The judges come only at times when the robot is on the field.To show it when it is in the pit, you need to call judges to come.
They all nod with the head.Most of them don’t write anything.
Fewer judges check the robot of Emek Hefer.” Were you stalking the judges? How do you know where the judges were and when? Weren’t you working on your robot and trying to spread the mission and spirit of FIRST to try and when the Rookie All-Star?

Eighth. “The judges and those who gave the award have never read anything in the manual. In fact, they were from Hightech companies.They looked for efficiency rather than something human.” The judges have access to the published manual on USFIRST. Besides, the manual is about building the robot and logistics and judging awards. You say the judges are superficial since they are from high tech companies. The large majority of FIRST volunteers and staff ARE from high tech companies. Are you saying FIRST as a whole is superficial, and don’t care about the human factor? The vision of FIRST, on the FIRST website, said by Dean Kamen, who owns a high tech company, is as follows “To transform our culture by creating a world where science and technology are celebrated and where young people dream of becoming science and technology heroes.” The Robotics Competition is not what FIRST is about. It is a vehicle to accomplish a mission. YOU and your peers are what FIRST is about. To try and instill a sense of Gracious Professionalism, “a way of doing things that encourages high-quality work, emphasizes the value of others, and respects individuals and the community.” This post, by the way, shows no respect for individuals in your community. The reason judges are from high tech companies is to get them excited about FIRST, and so they are IMPARTIAL. In addition, judges advised by a member of the FIRST community who has YEARS of experience. These particular set of judges were advised by someone not from Israel, but from the United States, so that in the case that someone like you disagreed with the results, there would be no room to make a sustainable argument that the judging was not impartial. In fact, the Head Referee AND the Scorekeeper were also flown in for the exact same reason. Emek Hefer did not won before it all started, they won when it was over, at the awards ceremony:

“The awards ceremony…
Rookie All Star - Emek Hefer
Rookie Inspiration- Kiryat Yam
Entrepreneurship - Kiryat Yam”

Grow up, especially before you consider yourself a “mentor”. Check your facts before you decide to publicly and maliciously discredit an individual or an organization. Especially publicly, because the same people your are discrediting now are going to be the people who will be interviewing you for a job in 8 years. People don’t forget when they are public humiliated. In addition, these posts are archived and publicly available for YEARS. In fact, they are archived from the inception of the site. For your sake, I hope you realize you have no idea what happens at a regional, who’s opinions go into choosing awards at a regional, and particularly, what FIRST is all about. I hope that the people in the FIRST Israel community can see past your shallow remarks and try and help you understand the goals and spirit of FIRST.

Any private conflicts you have should be private… Hope you get it resolved…

Where did this poster come from after 6 years of inactivity?

Brandon, I agree, but this individual has made a public post on the Chief Delphi Website. this post was up for the better part of the day after the FIRST Israle Regional, and needed to be followed up by a public response.

Thank you for your concern about public disputes. Arguments should be private, praises should be public.

The problem is, I for one did not see this other post, thus I really cannot follow your argument at all. Honestly not too many people can be involved with this discussion, its just not productive in a public place.


Right after I started this thread, Felix’s post was taken down by the moderators because of it’s harassment of individuals by NAME. I apologize I didn’t quote the entire post.


I apologize for my lack of activity. I have just returned to FIRST from a 6 year hiatus in the U.S. Navy. I have returned to my old team in a mentoring capacity, and I also volunteered as scorekeeper at the CT and Israel Regionals.

I see, and I understand your frustration, my point is that I attempted to understand what your argument was, and I really only got that it had to do with teams at the Israel Regional. Because I couldnt follow it meant it was directed at a person, or group of persons that could follow. My point is if you want to have a face to face argument with this person do it in private, however if you want to tell the FIRST community what happened and how it is untrue or what have you, direct it to the FIRST community, it will have a far greater impact.


I would like to publicly apologize for the previous post.
The things written were a result of a huge disappointment from the events.

However, those things should have never been written!

I must have taken some more time to relax and run the things over in my head again.

Please do not consider anything I have posted beforehand.

My emotions and feelings led me to mistaken conclusions.

FIRST has given me a lot. Winning or loosing, that does not mean much.
The difference between FIRST and other sporting events like basketball is that in FIRST even if you finish up last you earn a lot for the future.

It was by far my biggest experience in high school and I would like to remember it as such.

My previous post is shameful.

There are up’s and down’s in life and this time I was unable to cope with it although the fact I participated is the biggest achievement.

I feel ashame for my post.
Thank you for deleting it!
And I would like to ask you please to remove it.

Thanks for the post, i hope it settles things down.
EDIT: And now i see that it has.

Hey Felix,

Like I’ve talked you with, those who didn’t get to go to Atlanta were disappointed very much. Those who lost from various reasons were (and are probablly still) angry, furious, fustrated, dipressed etc. from not reaching the “ultimate and prestigious goal” of the FIRST Robotics Competition, to get the chance to participate in Atlanta.

I’ve learned from this year and the previous years. I studied my community, my school, my friends and family and I learned this:

Never give up.

If you think you’ve done the best this year, even better than Emek Hefer…


For those who are still in high school (and will be next year), you still got the chance.
For those of you who are going to the army next year, or to study in college, you still go the chance of winning like a regular team member in high school (just with the title of a mentor).
For those of you who are now married or parents or grandfathers:

Everyone has the chance.

I will never be giving up on FIRST. Only in the hardest times when I must, I will never leave FIRST for anything. FIRST is my and every single person in this forum and others related to FIRST’s FAMILY

We’ve all got great friends to talk to now, about how it was, what to do next year, how to do better, how to win together…all those stuff.
We can talk about education ,friends, boyfriends/girlfriends, army, life and everything.

Because we all know eachother, and we can (most of us) trust each other.


We all understand your sorrow, and I firmly believe I’m between the best that know that your sorrow (with no intentions of show-offing or whatever).
We wanted Atlanta, but we achieved the best goal.

And I’ll say it publicly, although I might’ve kept it secert,

Leav told to me before the award ceremony started:
“Nir, you should know that every team that came here has allready won, we’re all winners”.

He’s $@#$@#$@#$@# right, even if you hate him for any kind of reason.

Lets keep staying winners! FOREVER!!!:smiley:

(K, i’ll stop being dramatic right now).

Nir, Great post =]
Just a little fix, the ultimate goal of FIRST has never been, and will never be going to Atlanta. The ultimate goal of FIRST is inspiring teenagers towards science and technology, and choosing engineering as a career. period.
And i believe that just the face the Falix is here, being angry he has not won, shoes that this goal has been reached.

I will never be giving up on FIRST.

I feel everybody around the world should be able to experience first. Just being able to build a robot is a great achievement of its own.

shoes that this goal has been reached.

just for some input not to lie i am a high school student in my high schools robotics club i started the robotics club and before high school i have had 3 years of experience in teams such as a robotics team/club and know my way around robots and machine work wiring and a little programming i know more about robots than our team mentor and i am the captain of my schools robotics team thank you very much.


“be better”-Mohammed Ali