[moderated] pic: The 2006 NiagaraFIRST Triplets!

Coming to GLR, Waterloo, GTR and The Championship…

Looking great guys, I personally cannot wait to compete with and against you at GTR. Also, I like the use of the dewalts transmissions.


Too bad I won’t see any of these three awesome bots at regionals… Championships perhaps?

awww look at the cute wittle babies

in their matching outfits…

pinches their cheeks…erm dewalts

YES! Great job Niagara FIRST. Totally impressive! See ya at GTR.

wow…just wow, i love it…

It looks like one is missing a Dewalt, is there a specific reason for this?

They look so good!!! I can’t wait until GTR :slight_smile:

Karthik, that is a very impressive family photo!

I’m glad that 931 decided to go to Waterloo this year – can’t wait to see those triplets in action.

Woah! I thought 1 was challenging! This Is Amazing!

Congrats to Niagara FIRST,

They look great, as if I wasn’t having enough nightmares about GTR. :slight_smile:

Best of luck to all
Chris C.
Team 229

Yup, that Dewalt was being tuned at the time of the photo. We thought it was a big problem, but it turned out the clutch was in the wrong setting… :o The assembly was re-mounted before the robot was crated up.

Great job NiagaraFIRST. Once again you have some great looking bots. Can’t wait to see you guys in action at GTR.

Good luck

Wow, that is simply amazing. Great job to all three teams in this amazing group!

Could you explain how you worked together to create these awsome robots. Did one team focus on drivetrain, while another designed the shooter? Or did you divide each team into diferent groups, and pair up those groups with the corresponding groups from the other teams? I am really interested in how you get that many students and mentors to stay on the same page throughout the build season.

Once again great job and good luck all!


Um, WOW! Nice job NiagaraFIRST. I really like the design.

Aww Karthik, they look just like you…

Watch out for sibling rivalry.

Congrats to the crew North of the border.

So…who gets to practice with the practice robot first?

What’s the thickeness of the plastic guarding the shooter and for the hopper?