Moderation: A HeartyDebate Killer?

This question is primarily directed to whoever it is that makes a particular thread “moderated.”

Is moderation promarily to shut down a thread that has becoe too nasty? If so, why not just delete the thread altogether?

Or does moderation primarily serve some other purpose? If so, why aren’t users notified when their posts are accepted or declined?

Of course I ask this becuase I spent a good amount of time graciously replying to personal insults on a moderated thread only to find a day later that none of my responses have been posted. In fact, nothing on that thread has been posted in a while, and that thread was one of the fastest growing ones, so I’m sure it isn’t lack of original content that caused the growth to dry up.

Moderation is there to prevent “bad things” from happening. Instead of letting the thread get completely out of control (yelling, team-bashing, pointless posts, etc) we choose to make it moderated so that these posts can be prevented before they are ever seen by the majority of the readers. It may also get people to think before they post, re-read their posts, and make sure its exactly what they want to say, since it may take a little while for their post to get online. It also slows the thread down, so that people cean read the content that is there without having hundreds of replies coming in at a fast rate. It is mainly a preventative measure and is there to improve the quality of discussion.

Why aren’t there notifications? That’s not how vB3 works and I’m not going to hack it (yet, at least).