Modern Warfare 3 or Battlefield 3

Which is your preference Modern Warfare 3? or Battlefield 3?

Counter-Strike Source is where it’s at.

Just close the poll now - the percentages are correct. 100% BF3. :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy Wheels

Modern Warfare 3

The thing with COD anymore is that nobody cares at all about the team. The only thing players care about the their K/D ratio. I can’t stand that. Battlefield 3 (much better than Bad Company 2, BTW) is very objective based. The primary concern is getting points, not kills. You could lead your team in points and not have a single kill if you revive or resupply people.

Plus, you know. Jets.

I like Team Fortress 2

If I had to choose I would say BF3. TF2 is way better. Same with CS:S

I’m with you on the TF2. I have a healthy balanced diet of Team Fortress 2 75% of the time, 10% Vitamin B(F3), 10% Minecraft, and 5% Indie.

Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 3 for the lose

So I have to say MW3 because that is what I am good at. I am MLG in MW3 but I also love BF3. BF3 is my break away from MW3 because MW3 is full of bullcrap including the Type 95, camping, and lone guns. I do love BF3 because it is very team oriented and enjoyable at times. The only bad thing about BF3 is that when you are a low level you do not have any good guns.

Tribes, ARMA/DayZ, Hawken

Halo FTW. (CoD 4 was a good game, but can’t stand the rest, barring CoD 2). Never played Battlefield series, so I can’t judge those. Also, I do prefer CS:S and now CS:GO to all of these. Though, i am in college, so Halo is the go to game for relaxing with friends.

Gotta be a Valve fanboy here and go for Team Fortress/Counter Strike

…Battlefield 3 does have jets, however…

Tribes: Ascend :smiley:

Tag/home region?

Battlefield 3 for the helos. BF3 for infantry combat is simply frustrating.

I’m much better at playing alien on Natural Selection 2:

Same as my CD name, East Coast.

I haven’t played in a while though, schoolwork + college applications + eagle scout project + recently elected Team Captain + only current team programmer (thus having to learn Java over the summer) have all kinda gotten in the way.